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#1 2019-09-04 8:18pm

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1981 Repco Hotfoot X-Gussett

1981 Repco Hotfoot X-Gussett

An underrated classic

Hi folks.
Having been a fan of BMXmuseum for ages I thought it was time to post pics of some of my bikes.  Seeing what others have done has been a great source of inspiration for me,  so maybe I can give something back.
This is my 1981 x-gusset hotfoot. Aside from making a few changes myself,  I can't claim credit for this build. It caught my eye as (at least in colour scheme) it's an almost exact replica of my very first BMX.... a series two Supermax which I got in 1981 (from memory) for the princely sum of $236AUD.
At the time the Hotfoot was a bit of a poor cousin here in Australia.  I remember seeing them in the window of a local shopping centre store,  looking great with slant style tuff copies,  but they were never a bike I lusted after.
Years later I gave my supermax to my nephew,  who still has it hanging on his wall.  I never did get over the loss though,  so I bought this as a replacement!Anyway,  my appreciation for the good ol' hotfoot has grown enormously,  and I'm now a big fan.
I won't go into huge detail about the parts list,  but here are a couple of details:Fresh white powder coated frame and fork; Fresh decals;  NOS SR stem; Skyway Tuff II wheels; Comp III tyres; Dia compe MX 1000 caliper;  AME grips
I'll post more pics at some point.



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Re: 1981 Repco Hotfoot X-Gussett

That is a sweet looking bike. I've always dug on those gussets. cool
I also have a Repco just not sure year. Has a gusset with a circle. Anyway awesome bike and the colors work great together. tongue

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