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2011 Pilgrim Unit Jed Mildon

#1 2019-08-26 7:09am

Signed up: 2019-07-31
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2011 Pilgrim Unit Jed Mildon

2011 Pilgrim Unit Jed Mildon

Jed Mildon Signature Frame

Just Some old parts i through on this frame to show off the frame. Mostly stock parts off a 2002 Fly Estampida Pro
Think This is the frame Jed Mildon did the triple backflip on (not the actual frame of course)Frame - Pilgrim - Unit 21"TT  Jed Mildon SignatureForks - FlyStem - SnafuCranks - SnafuBars - Fly - Flower PowerWheels - AlienationTyres - Primo Dirt Monster and V MonsterSeat - DMR (gas mask)

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