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2000 Hoffman Deebo

2000 Hoffman Deebo

2000 deebo HB/primo build

The Hoffman deebo for me is the epitome of midschool bmx. I started riding early 2000 and rode a deebo between 2002/2005 ish then bikes bargain to change to new school and the deebo was cast aside but I still had loads of love for it. I have built a few deebos the last couple years but this is my favourite.
2000 HB deebo f&f
HB super stem
HB patriot bars Taiwan
HB embroidered drop nose seat
HB 120psi skidmark tires
Tank headset
Profile SS cranks
Primo 44t chainring
Primo lever
Primo v monster grips
Primo Ali bar ends
Primo pro hubs on primo hula hoops
Primo 4 slot tenderisers
Primo seat clamp
Standard 2 piece seat post (will be changed to a rod)



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