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#1 2019-06-16 10:01pm

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2008 Suelo Tubo

2008 Suelo Tubo

Desde España, Olé!!!

Got this suelo tubo directly from spain, via my friend Alejo, who became friends with the guy that designed these (daniel "Coco", back then, he had this old frame lying around, supposedly was'nt ridden much, but has all the shelf life in the world lol. weighs like a feather, has no serial number nor gyro (guiri) tab holes at all. Has the same color and  seatstay gusset as the old 3 amigos frame. Mocked it up with some odyssey flatland classic forks, suelo stem and bars. Set it up finally with master bikes romulo forks, suelo stem, hb bars, profile magnatanium 160mm cranks, nankai technolite freecoaster, academy purple rims, profile mini ss front hub, primo comet tires, deco pegs,deco clamp, remains of deco grips, kalloy semi laidback post, velo seat.looks promising.



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