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Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?  RSS Feed

#1 2019-06-08 10:49am

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Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

So, I sent 2 sets of crank arm caps to the UK..
$14.25 to post? WTF? didn't even weigh 1 ounce..
Guess I need to add at least $12 to cover overseas shipping now?
How much is a frame nowadays, or a complete?
and Now Bikeflights has gone to UPS? arrggghhh..

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#2 2019-06-08 11:01am

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

Dude it is getting crazy with overseas shipping. Sometimes you can bring a package already packed to get a quote and then go home and let someone know the price and when you get back to PO it costs more???? Crazy!

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#3 2019-06-08 11:01am

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

frame be knockingon a $100 a complete is most of the time cheaper to ship in 2 boxes.


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#4 2019-06-08 11:01am

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

Yeah prices have gotten rather high. I stopped shipping international quite some years back when prices started to go up (not as bad as today), just wasn't worth it when some packages got lost on the way to the UK and I lost too much re-sending! Was also small packages under 1 ounce like yours. Prices have gotten ridiculous, even within the states.

I don't even want to think what sending a frame or complete would cost overseas... yikes



#5 2019-06-08 12:45pm

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

I was quoted it would cost $150 to ship a frame from the UK to Canada by a bikshop over there.Really wanted the frame bad,but not $150 shipping bad enough.

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#6 2019-06-08 1:28pm

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

150 is ridiculous, it'll cost me 50ish to ship a frame from Netherlands to VS, tracked, insured + signed for.

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#7 2019-06-08 1:30pm

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

Small stuff jumped a bunch GAry….as you experienced.

If you want silver pedal cages....better tell me's all going out for anodizing before long and I then won't have silver...

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#8 2019-06-08 1:51pm

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?



#9 2019-06-08 1:58pm

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Re: Overseas shipping rates?! WTF?

Yeah it's gone nuts. I wanted some decals from Standard. The shipping was $50.

So I sent my buddy the cash (he's in MD) and asked him to forward them on. They wanted $37.50.

In the end he put them in an envelope and it cost a few dollars, but yeah prices have soared.

I wrecked a side panel on my Alienware modding it and he shipped one over. It cost me $100. I'd hate to think what it would cost now.

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