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#1 2019-05-27 2:13pm

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1983 Hutch Pro Racer

1983 Hutch Pro Racer

mostly original Hutch looptail racer

I'm really liking this recent pickup. Saw them as a kid, but never had a Hutch before.
* '83 Hutch Pro Racer, mostly original
* serial 1230xxx
* '83 NOS undrilled forks in mint condition (installed for the first time.) Still have the original forks, but there's a hairline crack near the factory weld
* OG chrome, decals, grips, post, seat, brake/lever
* OG Skyway Tuff Wheel IIs
* OG Knarler Knobbys
* Added an OG seat clamp from another 80's-era Hutch
* NOS Zeronine number plate generic black/silver pads



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