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1987 Diamond Back Viper

#1 2019-05-25 7:27am

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1987 Diamond Back Viper

1987 Diamond Back Viper

Another special build entered into my "Friends" collection

Since I have gotten back into BMX, it has been my mission to try and find the bikes that me and my friends rode back in the 1980's.  Today, I am lucky enough to enter yet another one into that group.  I picked up this viper from a guy semi locally.  It was all original and at the time was a coaster wheel bike.  I broke it down and gave it a much needed CA bath.  The decals were shot so I removed those as well.  I found a set of KK hubs I got from a fellow member here on the museum and converted them from coaster to free wheel.  I put it back together, but added a set of re-pop tires, AM'E grips and some fresh decals (I used some Cool Streak decals as I could not find Vipers).  I am very happy with the way it turned out and hope you all enjoy it too.



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