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#1 2019-05-20 8:40am

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1983 Patterson PR-240

1983 Patterson PR-240

Rare pr240
Found from guy on offer up
I’m lucky to have this
Trying to do it justice!

So I found this rare bird on offer up classified. Guy told me he had a 90s Patterson for sale was I interested? I said hell ya didn’t know Patterson made 90s bikes he said I’m sure it is because he put together in 90s wow. I then got pictures and drove right over and came home with this great bmx cruiser. It was full of 90 s great parts redline 401s techmatic bottom bracket tange MX1000 headset power light winged cruiser bars araya hard ano rims with gt race hubs hallow axle  die early xl stem  a cd double seat clamp and a beach cruiser gel Seat for comfort he was still riding it.

I tore it down polished and cleaned the hell out of it. And started grasping the nicest parts out of my collection and buying nos and the best I could get and find to do this bike justice. I’m stoked with how it came out and I’m still looking for cruiser bar and different seat.

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Its all good!



#2 2019-05-22 5:54pm

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Re: 1983 Patterson PR-240

gotta love a patty 24 big_smile



#3 2019-05-22 6:39pm

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Re: 1983 Patterson PR-240




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