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1988 Redline RL-20b

1988 Redline RL-20b

1988 Redline rl20b

1988 Redline rl20b, stamped 87. I bought this frame only off a friend nearly 2 years ago December 2017. Sourced a number of era correct parts as close to as possible. Had it powder coated, and went from there. Powder coat was initially done not to my specifications but I ran with it and this is what I ended up with as a custom 1 off build
1987 Redline rl20b frame stamped for 1988
1st gen forklifter bars1990 Redline forksHP-48 Peregrine hoops with Suzue hubsMX stemRedline seat1988 Dyno seat post1988 Redline seatDia Compe Nippon Brakes 1- 1990, 1- 1986Repop Panaracer tires AME gripsFormos brake levers 198640-t Redline bubble font chainring Repop single pinch sealed bb Redline cranks Repop AJBikes 1988 decal set
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