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#1 2019-04-26 6:55pm

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1987 GT Pro Freestlye Tour Team

1987 GT Pro Freestlye Tour Team

Longest build ever but worth every minute to me.

87 gt pro freestyle tour team model. The most time consuming and expensive build I have done yet but I loved every minute of it. Powdered by C4 dayglow orange. Nos white Ame flameless round bubble fronts,Nos dia compe Nippon front brake,Nos gt mallet,Nos gt shingo tires,Nos gt power disc and chainring,Nos dia compe AD 990,Tech 7 levers powdered by C4 Nos hardware,Nos odyssey gyro,SR gt power series crank 87,Sr 474 pedals powered by C4, 87 GTchain GT stamped, Nos odyssey gyro cables upper and lower, Nos gt fork standers and frame standers, 87 pft seat post clamp powdered by C4, 2169 gt white seat as close to Nos as your gonna get, Nos 87 Gt pegs,GT ogk mags, still waiting for a pair of Gt super lace rims to put a done stamp on it. Built it just like the early made pft personal favorite. Hope you guys love it to.



#2 2019-04-29 8:14pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestlye Tour Team

Turned out great! cool

My flatland is ... always smooth!!!!




#3 2019-04-29 8:55pm

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestlye Tour Team

What a beauty, just amazing! big_smile

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#4 2019-11-09 1:11am

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Re: 1987 GT Pro Freestlye Tour Team

Do you know for sure what the correct color of decals go on the 87' pfttm dayglo orange? Pink or magenta?



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