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1999 Free Agent Hellcat

#1 2019-04-16 9:24pm

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1999 Free Agent Hellcat

1999 Free Agent Hellcat

Great rider.  Original parts. Recent find.

I really love the aesthetics of this bike. To me, it demonstrates how artistic and evocative a BMX bike can be.  It is not about a bike being a metaphor for a weapon but how human powered transportation can emulate complex machinery.   

The longer top tube makes it more comfortable to ride despite its weight.  It is often my first choice bike when I ride.  Feels more like a Hellcat tank than a Hellcat Navy fighter.
I may need to change the pedals and grips.  But I’m going to try to keep it all original for as long as I can.



#2 2019-04-24 10:01am

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Re: 1999 Free Agent Hellcat

I love this bike! As a huge fan of WW2 airplanes, this paint scheme is so badas s.

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