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1997 Rigid Cycles

1997 Rigid Cycles

[Rare Rigid Cycles Flatland Frame]

I belive less 10 of these frames around Us. Rigid Cycles was a small brand from 97 thus early 99, short period of time with 02 framesets: Rigid Cycles flatland and street frameset (Nate Wessel did a test on street frame on RideBMX mag from 1998).
Super heavy metal flatland frame from the late 90 early 2000 eras.
Was Scott Powell, Nathan Penonzek (short period before Quamen), Billy Borys and Anthony Durbano sponsor at that time.Scott Powell rode Rigid Cycles on Focus flatland video.Billy Boris video pic riding Rigid from 97.
Old and mid school riders that live flatland remember as well this brand.
Frame: Rigid Cycles flatland frame OG paint 3/8 drops. (Drops have modification to save weight or it is a Rigid Cycles proto frame because drops have professional workmanship- will update the info on future if get correct info);(Specs on my RideBmx mag adv. from 1998).
Fork: Indy Industries fork 1" Og chrome;
Pegs: Kore flatland pegs #X Love Goat Macunnians pegs;
Bars: Peregrine Q bars 2Gen uncut og chorme decals #.
Awesome Dimitri and Rob Miller that helped me with this one - They are professional and amazing person and riders, no words to THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for looking!
*I am in a hard times here with much and hard work and many things happening in same time my life, complicated find time to post as usual, anyway, better moments will come soon.

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I do not follow anyone, I have my own goals"
The inspirations to keep me riding now is only and 100 percent for sure, any thing OLD/MID schools...sick. I m already a bit tired things super modern, sincerely.--



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