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#1 2019-03-14 10:15am

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1994 Hawk F-20

1994 Hawk F-20

The jaw dropper for it's time, and to this day. Still with the original owner.

Frame- Hawk F-20 in Candy Red, original paint/decals
Forks- SE Landing Gear
Bars- S&M Race
Stem- Profile Inverted
Brake- Odyssey Pitbull
Brake Lever- Dia-Comp Tech-77
Cranks- Redline Flight
Sprocket- Redline Flight
Pedals- VG
Wheels- Sun
Hubs- TNT Derringer
Seat- Redline Flight
Seat clamp- Pr1mo



#2 Yesterday 9:26am

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Re: 1994 Hawk F-20

Beautiful Candy Red F-20. Of course, I’m scratching my head why I’m the first to say anything about this bitchen ride after 150 views. Maybe it has invisible original Candy Red paint, and no one else can see it lol

Sweet ride man, and it’s killer you’re the original owner and kept it new. Very nice.

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