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#1 2019-03-14 8:43am

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1981 Mongoose Supergoose

1981 Mongoose Supergoose

Scrap rescue

A kid posted this up in one of my local bmx groups asking if anyone wanted it before he took it to the dump. He had cleaned out a womans shed and was scrapping whatever metal was in there. He said that the woman hadn't gone in the shed in 25 years and was selling the property.  His father was about ready to go and junk it, but he had a second thought on it. Turns out they lived right around the corner from my work, so I got dibs on it.   This is my first old school bike that ive ever owned.
Original pro class wheels were trashed, oakley grips were melted, brakes were broken, half of the bike had green paint on it from a paint bucket falling over.  Most of that is cleaned up but I couldn't save the decals. 
I plan on restoring it the frame over the summer.  Currently Built to be raced.   

-81' supergoose frame-Tange TX-1200 fork-sunshine stem-89' GT Performer Bars -sugino cranks-mongoose/sugino 40t snowflake sprocket-dk platform pedals-suzue hubs laced to Araya 7x rims.  -reproduction Tioga Comp iii tires-GT layback post-kashimax seat guts-modified Kashimax Aero seat. [The backside of the seat snapped off in two areas, so I shaved it down.]-odyssey 1999 brake caliper-odyssey cable-Promax Lever-ODI lock on grips
-ZeroNine mini flow Plate

Bikes are for riding, not sitting on carpet.



#2 2019-03-15 4:25am

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Re: 1981 Mongoose Supergoose

Nice score!! I wouldn’t touch it.. maybe get era correct bars but that’s about it .. it’s a time capsule!

For all the Homies that never got a chance to hook up their ride ....



#3 2019-03-15 6:48am

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Re: 1981 Mongoose Supergoose

nice pick up



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