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#1 2019-03-13 9:15am

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2004 Schneider Racing Pro XL

2004 Schneider Racing Pro XL

Here is a quote From Doug Schneider

"It was one of my team guys frame, Wayne Mcabe. it was one of the first frames that i made, maybe third or forth. i dont think it even has a serial number. it is still in good shape, it just has some of my first style dropouts. probably a 2004 frame"
Here is a very cool frame from Doug who was owner of Schneider Racing bmx and team.

It's his 3rd or 4th frame he ever made and has no serial number   Was made for a team rider.  It has his first gen drop outs with out the adjusters integrated  2nd gen drops had adjusters built in them.
2004 Schneider Pro xl 20" frame- S&M pitchforks- S&M xlt redneck stem

Will update as I get parts for it



#2 2019-03-17 2:57pm

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Re: 2004 Schneider Racing Pro XL

cool frame! Subscribed for build progress and pics! smile



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