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#826 2019-11-16 5:45pm

AJ Macaroo
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Re: As the Wheels Turn (This week at the Museum )

oldnky wrote:

High prices, flippers, strippers Mongoose scammers and drug trippers. Pros, cons, helpless newbs and greedy unresponsive BIN sellers. Slow shippers, johnnnys pictures and brain damaged gold paint face covered fellers. Mods that suck and mods that #uck. Free stickers for some and bad advice to others. Top secret mob only lists, girly bike pics and GIF’S. Dildo ship line threads, NFL assaults, MLB thefts and NCAA upsets but the best thread is Hobbes sponsored and spyker approved gay. Milestones were met with lots of cats, guns and knifes but snapping turtles are still banned pets. Inspirational Canadian FHRITP threads remind me of MAGA GEBTP posts. Locked threads, unlocked threads, does anyone remember whatever happened to tsipidisbikes threads. New jobs, old jobs and white cats getten blowjobs. Veterans Day posts and stolen valor free food boasts.

Well done once again bud! big_smile

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