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#1 2019-03-11 10:24am

BMX Zack
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1981 Cycle Pro Bonzai

1981 Cycle Pro Bonzai

As Found Survivor

-Born in '02 Riding In The 80's

I Love anything JMC and SE Racing big_smile



#2 2019-03-11 10:50am

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Re: 1981 Cycle Pro Bonzai

WOW!!! Awesome find. That bike is in great condition. Love the frame stickers. cool

1985 . And I quote owner of Pondersoa Schwinn spring Texas. "Get out of my bike shop!"



#3 2019-03-11 7:47pm

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Re: 1981 Cycle Pro Bonzai


44t BMX Club - NC Chapter

"Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the the minds of 11 year olds that could see that potential."
Craig Stecyk - Skateboarder Magazine - 1975



#4 2019-04-15 9:56pm

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Re: 1981 Cycle Pro Bonzai

Love this bike...

Women are alot like BMX bikes...You ride em till they get all TORE UP and Abused, then u spend a FORTUNE restoring them to look better than they did when u first got em!!!!



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