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2010 Subrosa Pandora DTT

2010 Subrosa Pandora DTT

The Purpling  ..My current daily dubb top-tuber

frame: 2010 Subrosa Pandora dtt 19”bars: Subrosa Pandora Sher signature 8.25”fork: Odyssey F25rims: Odyssey Seven K-Ahubs: Tree Bicycle Co Straight Pull w/guardscranks: Subrosa Big Bitchin 165 LHDsprocket: Subrosa Petal 25tchain: Mission 510pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Surfacestem: Madera Mast 36mmseat: Snafu Fat pivotalseatpost: Eclat Torch 15f brake caliper: Colony Brethrenf brake lever: Odyssey Monolever r brake caliper: TRP FX950Rr brake lever: Odyssey M2 grips: Volume Enns signaturegyro: Snafu Mobeusheadset: Heresy Pathb bracket: Subrosa w/ GT power series bb cups (changing to the shorter cups corrected the chain-line and solved the insane grinding noise)f pegs: Shadow Conspiracy Little Onesr pegs: Snafu Hex tires: Vee Speedster tyre 20x 1.90 Kevlar bead  (replaced) Colony Grip Lock 20 x 2.35 (way too touch wide for the calipers. They’ll rub if I hit’em, they’re so close.) Thanks to BikeFactory for the assist. RIP.WP



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