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#1 2019-02-23 9:43am

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1998 KHE Premuim Lager

1998 KHE Premuim Lager

Jesse Puente's first frame for KHE JESSE PUENTE SIGNATURE

1998 KHE Premium Lager, Jesse Puente's first signature model for KHE bikes. Always wanted one of these besides being a longtime fan of Jesse, who was one of the first Latino Flatlanders to go Pro in the states, due to it being reminiscent of the 1987 GT PFT, beefed up to the max. The top tube meeting the seat tube, made it look to me as an inverted Morales as well, which doubled the appeal. I remember seeing Jesse doing one handed whiplashes into hitchhikers on these, and after holding one in my hand and feeling the weight, he was doing Jedi mind tricks indeed. In the pictures, a graveyard Jesse replica bar, camacura stem, and eighty eight seat clamp! Arrriba Jesse!



#2 2019-02-23 11:28am

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Re: 1998 KHE Premuim Lager

Nice grab with my friend Rob!

Glad that got this one!

Awesome mi friend Polanco!

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