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#1 2019-02-11 11:08pm

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1983 Diamond Back Formula One

1983 Diamond Back Formula One

This one was on OfferUp for a few months before I found it. It appears to be an unmolested 1983 model. The guy I bought it from told me that it was his as a teen but that sports, cars and girls got in the way and he stopped riding it.
The bike stayed in his moms house and was ridden by grandkids when they went to visit her. All I did was clean it and install some new grips.



#2 2019-02-12 2:35am

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Re: 1983 Diamond Back Formula One

Nice, love a Formula One. Change the main pic to the one of the bike, it's currently showing as the seat image? wink



#3 2019-02-15 5:39pm

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Re: 1983 Diamond Back Formula One

Hi Shotgun,  Wow ,  your DB Formula 1 is more original than mine!  That's awesome!  I wish as a kid I kept the parts that I had to replace because of wear and tear.  But this F1 is so on the money with original parts!



#4 2019-07-05 9:59pm

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Re: 1983 Diamond Back Formula One

I was looking and reading at the same time the description and I said out loud ! What kind of grips did you put on this bike you son of  a.

I love them grips. They are on all of my bikes.

You have a good eye sir. Very nice collection.




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