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#1 2019-02-10 7:41pm

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1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Pro

1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Pro

Yo! Completely OG, plus NOS brakes/cables/lever

Was excited to pick this one up locally in almost 100% OG condition.   Even the tires were OG from 1987!   Paint is not perfect, but previous owners did a decent enough job keeping it together.   Added 1 NOS brake lever, both NOS dia-compe brakes, upper/lower cables to the OG ACS rotor, some dice valve caps, and that's about it.  Time warp.

Made a bonehead decision to test out the new brakes I put on, and rode it a short 50 yards for maybe 1 minute.  Came back to find that the rear tires from 1987 didn't stay super-smooth after that.  Wasn't catastrophic, but definitely altered the perfectly smooth rear surface, and now the rear tires are pock-marked.  I should have known based on how hard the tires were with/without air.  Got wrapped up in the moment, LOL.  But I can tell you this bike is super light, and so very easy to ride.  Tempted to thrown on NOS tires, save the originals, and ride it around.  Might.  Was surprised how light and fast it was.  Feels like tricks would be easy, except for the small front/rear build-in frame stands.  Love the seat, but I won't be testing the roll-wheel out anytime soon, unless I come across a spare.



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