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#1 2019-02-10 12:50pm

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PMC - Odyssey - Dia-Compe - Tioga - SR Sakae - Redline - Muppets

I could use a few extra bucks in paypal so here's some stuff cool  All purchases will include some free stickers big_smile

Call dibs and send paypal to

Please send regular payments only, no gift payments, so I can print shipping labels at home.

Prices include shipping in the US.

I will ship outside the US, but you must call dibs and pay.  Then when I find out how much extra shipping will be, I'll let you know and you can pay the difference.  I'm not going to get shipping quotes for people ahead of time.  Items will ship from Fort Worth, Texas 76179, so you can figure out what it'll cost to ship to you.

NOS PMC seat clamp 1" / 25.4mm

I got this without bolts so these are new ones.  They fit perfect.  Unmounted, great condition.

$55 shipped

Replacement bolts for PMC seat clamps

I have some extras.  Same bolts that are in the clamp above.

$5 shipped per pair (I think I have 4 pairs left)

Lightly polished Odyssey Pitbull brake

Excellent condition.  What you see is what you get.  This was on a Floval frame with a built in cable guide so I don't have the extra arm/guide/adjuster piece for the top.

$38 shipped  SOLD

White Dia-Compe Bulldog front brake

Good condition.  I rigged it up for potts mod (see pics).  It works well.  Dated '88

$28 shipped

Dia-Compe black '88 dated front and rear brake cables

Rear cable was mounted on my Floval, front cable was never used.  Both still in perfect condition.  Front is dated 11/25/88 and rear is dated 6/30/88

$45 shipped for the pair

Chrome Tioga headset lock

Excellent condition. 

$23 shipped

SR Sakae 40t black chain ring 1/8"

Very good used condition.  This was on my Floval Flyer.  It's the cool one with the machined ring around it.  Take note, this is 1/8" thick, so you need a 1/8" chain.

$35 shipped

Redline black bottom bracket 19mm

Brand new Redline BB with thin, medium, and thick spacers.  I'm pretty sure I have the big internal spacer too so I'll include that.

$20 shipped

Valve stem covers and caps

Chrome spiral steel valve stem covers with silver aluminum caps, or blue anno aluminum covers with blue anno aluminum caps.  The blue caps are nice and have rubber seals inside (see pic).

$7 shipped for chrome/silver
$10 shipped for blue

NOS unknown red 48h hubs

Pretty nice, a little faded and some light scratches.  Thick flanges.  Loose ball bearings with dust covers.  Front spins super smooth, rear could use some new grease.  Strip and polish and these would look awesome.

$35 shipped  SOLD

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Re: PMC - Odyssey - Dia-Compe - Tioga - SR Sakae - Redline - Muppets




#3 2019-02-10 5:06pm

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Re: PMC - Odyssey - Dia-Compe - Tioga - SR Sakae - Redline - Muppets

Dibs unknown red 48h hubs.



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