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1983 Murray X20R

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1983 Murray X20R

1983 Murray X20R

Replacing My old bike

1983 Murray X20R .  Department store bike with some good parts.  This one has been upgraded a bit. I ditched the 28 spoke steel rims with ACS hubs and crappy v-bars. This is how I would have built it back in the day. I got a bike like this for my 13th birthday in November 1983.  I broke the frame at the head tube doing too many jumps. Good memories of riding back them. Who didn't have a Murray at some point.
Frame and Forks:  Original Murray frame and forks from 1983.
Headset: Original to the set.
Handlebars: Hutch Pro Raider
Grips:  A'me triangle reproduction
Stem: ACS
Cranks: Sugino 175mm Code dated 1983.
Spider: Sugino
Chain ring:  Tuf Neck 44T
Wheel set: Skyway Tuf II's
Tires:   Duro
Freewheel: ACS 16T
Seat post clamp:  ACS, black
Seat Post: Generic lay back chrome 13/16
Seat:  Kashimax Retro repop.
Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000 code dated 1983, Tech 2 lever
Pedals: Original union rat traps
Chain: Izumi Black/chrome

**Sold Frame set, stem, bars on ebay**

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Re: 1983 Murray X20R

Great looking bike! Well done.

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