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#1 2019-01-09 7:33am

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1981 Montesa BMX 135

1981 Montesa BMX 135

Montesa C10 upgraded to a BMX 135

The first ever factory produced trials bike was the Montesa T10. Pere Pi, its creator, copied the sizes and angles of the frame from a Mongoose Motomag. The T10 was a horrible bike for practicing trials and soon was replaced by the T15. At the time that the T10 appeared on the market, the C10 was produced too: that was intended to be a BMX bike (see Montesa C10 in this site). It was basically a yellow T10 with taller bars. They didn't sell much of them...
When the BMX 109 model appeared (see Monty 109 in this site), with a Thruster copy chromoly frame, the T15 already existed and Montesa decided to get rid of the stock T10 frames creating a cheaper BMX bike: the BMX 135 (hi ten frame, steel pedals, cranks and wheels...). I found this C10 (I know it was originally a C10 because the original paint was yellow) in very bad condition (see the last pic). As I already have a NOS C10 frame waiting to be built, I decided to create my own version of a "racing" 135 using BMX 109 and other era correct parts.
Frame: Montesa C10Forks: Montesa 109 (chromoly, Tange copy)Headset: UnbrandedDecals: Mail, Montesa T15 (NOS). The rest, 422 BMX decalsPad set: CustomBars: Montesa 109Stem: Montesa 109Grips: Gonelli (NOS)Brake lever: Olimpic 68Brake caliper: Olimpic BalonSeat: Intauto Delta (NOS)Seat clamp: UnknownSeat post: Laid backCranks and chainring: Nagesti BB: Porkchop Chain: Unbranded (new)Pedals: OlimpicRims: Akront (yellow label)Hubs: Olimpic CursaFreewheel: UrretaTires: Comp 3 style, Taiwan repop



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Re: 1981 Montesa BMX 135

Hadn’t heard of this brand before reading your post. Gorgeous bike!

Searching for:

-BLUE Tioga Airstep handlebars
-BLUE Tuf Neck Tiger Stamp stem



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Re: 1981 Montesa BMX 135

Thanks for sharing this great information

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