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#1 2019-01-06 5:47pm

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1997 Haro Shedder Deluxe

1997 Haro Shedder Deluxe

Minty fresh, mega fork, 990’s, Heff 2’s, Fusion pegs, new school bars

Saw on local Tampa Craigslist for $150.   I wanted parts basically.  I have two of these now and am thinking of making both into a “24 inch cruiser.  Not sure yet but I need everything but the frame for another build.

Life is short.  Spend it!  Looking for: I will PAY top dollar for a Fishbone 1-1/8 X-UFO  detangler.  Also need Hevron Haro stem.  Have mid school goodness to trade also.



#2 2019-01-22 5:11pm

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Re: 1997 Haro Shedder Deluxe


My Threads Are Your Safe Place.  Enjoy BmxMuseum  And Share With Others.



#3 2019-03-15 6:45am

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Re: 1997 Haro Shedder Deluxe

Nice bike man, I had the same one. It’s actually a 1999! cool

Searching for:

-BLUE Tioga Airstep handlebars
-BLUE Tuf Neck Tiger Stamp stem



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