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#1 2019-01-04 7:43am

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1988 Haro Sport

1988 Haro Sport

Survivor Sport. A vert machine!

Looking for anything Wilkerson Airlines,Early Bully,Dyno,Mongoose Hooligan and anything bashguard related!NOS or really good shape Peregrine HP 48 rims or wheels please!Really want a Bully2!



#2 2019-01-04 8:54am

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Re: 1988 Haro Sport

Love this color scheme. I just ordered the 2017 Lineage Sport in this scheme cool

Searching for:

-BLUE Tioga Airstep handlebars
-BLUE Tuf Neck Tiger Stamp stem



#3 2019-01-22 6:46pm

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Re: 1988 Haro Sport

Like your bike

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