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1984 Mongoose Californian

#1 2018-12-28 7:51am

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1984 Mongoose Californian

1984 Mongoose Californian

Already one of my faves from my collection

New bike on the block, a 1984 Mongoose Californian. Finished building this beauty last night, 10 mins. after I was ripping around the neighborhood on it. Fast, nimble. I remember riding a 1984 Californian back in that same year. The geometry on these bikes are perfect. With these frames you can feel you can almost do everything on them, from racing to Freestyle, and back in the day that's just what I did. It was an all-around bike. For this build I decided the race approach, though. Looks cleaner, the FS clutter sometimes becomes too much to the eyes, at least the OS FS.
Here is the parts rundown. Hope you like.
Mongoose OS Cali gripsMongoose Pro-Class HBarDia-Compe stamped brake leverTerrycable cover (just the cover)Tuf-Neck stemHeadset lock (no name)Mongoose HSetViscount Dyno seatMongoose Californian seat postOdyssey RX-3 clamp (was lavender, polished by yours truly)Dia-Compe stamped 901 MX brake, withWeimann Semi-Automatic adjusting cable barrel175x24 Cosmolite crankPro-Class spiderSugino 44T chainwheelSR P-468 pedal setMongoose stamped crank sealShimano MX-30 16T freewheelK710SL chainSuzue sealed hubsUkai wheels in chromeComp 3 repop tires, 1.75B / 2.25FMongoose repop pad covers (HB/TT)Black and gold valve covers done by yours truly.

antifascista oi!

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Re: 1984 Mongoose Californian

Thanks for sharing



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