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#1 2018-12-09 1:31pm

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1990 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1990 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

9/89 production date. original paint & decals.

original dayglo lime factory paint. looks like a 89 sold as a 90 with hazard decals. only 1 i have ever seen. personally i think it was a leftover questionable quality frame, so they painted it up with the 86 style fork and sent em out as a frame set to cash in some quick money. all original parts with some from a mint 1992 performer that i sacrificed to build this. some changes are as follows:

new GT reissue 3 piece GT lp-5 1.75 tiresnew ame gripsnew dia compe front brakenew odyssey brake cablesnot 100% era correct on a lot of stuff like the 95 pft stem.

What do I get for 20 dollars?

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#2 2020-05-03 1:07pm

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Re: 1990 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Very nice!  My 989 built frame is coming along nicely in the covid19 build off.  I will send you pictures soon.



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