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#26 2018-11-19 3:43am

old bmx dad/Ted
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Re: Thruster - did I miss something?

getset wrote:

Yes, and chuck it onto I-80!  lol

yikes.                lollollol

44T-Chicago Life member.                  1983 Robinson Cruiser ..  Thank you Brian ...

Birthplace & Home of the Robinson sanctuary .

Trailorparkpimps #1 and only Big friend
Fubu79 you have a special place in my heart
       Bird you will be missed .....
                                                                 OTB ??????



#27 2018-11-19 4:40am

BMX Zack
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Re: Thruster - did I miss something?

BRICKOS2 wrote: … 9bf0f.jpeg

I just throw up a little in my mouth.


-Born in '02 Riding In The 80's

I Love anything JMC and SE Racing big_smile



#28 2018-11-19 1:03pm

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Re: Thruster - did I miss something?

It's the next town over form me, I'll go check them junks out this weekend.

1.) GJS Bars
2.) Bandito frame and bar pads. Green with gold lettering.
3.) Bandito fork decals. Black on chrome
4.) GJS Big Tube frame pad



#29 2019-02-13 11:26am

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Re: Thruster - did I miss something?
Today at the CABDA Midwest Bike Show.

Almost always looking for Patterson racing Products. Let me know what you have? Maybe we can deal? smile



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