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#1 2018-11-15 8:31am

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1994 Morales Flatland

1994 Morales Flatland

my first ever morales rises again

This might very well be my most important bike, purchased the frame ( unstamped first gen, serial no. 140)along with another identical one, serial no. 087, also in the museum, in pre-order around July 1994, to Danny Parks' then mail order outfit called Freestyle Unlimited, in Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Received them both here in D.R in Sept. 94, with a slew of parts and other frames, and went to work right away in assembling this one. A few hours later (putting headset and bb cups in was a task, as well as finding an appropriate way of making the back brake work, due to the cutting of cables and what not, but as soon as I rode it it was well worth it. learned some back wheel moves first try on that first day out. this frame was used by me and then by most riders here on one point or the other (including evilk82 right here in the museum lol), recovered it in 2005, and kept on riding it for a while, until I decided to let it rest, and started looking for the way to bring it similarly to what it had looked like, since it had cracked on the head tube( not to me though), and in 2005, I fixed it with a wraparound gusset thing, of which I must have a pic somewhere. After undoing that work in 2011, and finding someone to properly TIG weld the crack and what not, in 2014, and rechroming it in 2015, the chroming the wheels, bars, sourcing other items, etc; almost 13 years later, here it is! Some of the actual parts it has on right now, were ridden by me back then, including the wheels, which have also been restored, both indy and standard pegs, q bars, inverted dk stem, levers, odi grips, etc.



#2 2018-11-15 5:01pm

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Re: 1994 Morales Flatland

Sick build with lots of personal history! So cool!



#3 2019-10-11 4:41am

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Re: 1994 Morales Flatland

Love these, sweet

Wife loves it when another package shows up in the mail..big_smile....NOT...big_smile

Question is, is the spoon really there?



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