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1997 Standard STA

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1997 Standard STA

1997 Standard STA

household favorite

we call it the thrasher or the loaner...i got the frame/forks/stem from bad attitude on here, intending to strip it raw but i couldn''s too cool the way it is. i cleaned it up a little and assembled it with what i had. the exception is the wheels...the rims were plastikoted red/pink and it matched fairly well with the grips and cables but it wasn't right...i stripped that stuff off and now they're speaking the same language as the rest of the bike. my 13 year old daughter loves this bike and so do's a goddamned superchamp.
parts (from the top of my head...mish mash)standard STA (i was told '97) frame and forks, kink stem with gyro tabs (it came with it and belongs there) snafu rotor with some gyro parts, odyssey and snafu cables (what i had around), raw nowear bars (love), odi longneck grips, colony bar ends, new tech 77 levers, odyssey evo II brakes, unknown seat post, hardcore clamp,  i'm not sure of the seat but it's cool and it's been on almost every bike we have at some point...odyssey hazard rims, stripped/bad chrome, unknown hubs (rear is a flip flopper with an odyssey freewheel), mismatched tires, madera cranks, stripped raw and pretty bad ass, 36t graveyard sprocket, pretty beat odyssey twisted pedals, odyssey mpegs...i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff...

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