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THE 2018 BMX MUSEUM flatland build COMPLETED THREAD -  RSS Feed

#26 2018-11-14 9:13pm

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Re: THE 2018 BMX MUSEUM flatland build COMPLETED THREAD -

Gearhead wrote:

Been wanting to take some other pics but I've been too busy and the wildfire air quality is killing me so I'm staying indoors until this all clears up. Here's what I got -
Frame - 87 Torker 2 540 Air
Fork - Oddysey F25
Bars - Peregrine Q Bars
Grips/Donuts - Jive handles EZ Jives
Headset - ChattyMatty custom 1 1/8" machined to fit 1" frame
Stem - Suelo
Gyro - Shadow Conspiracy
Brakes - F. - TRP
             R. - Shadow
Brake levers - D.C. Tech 77
Seat - Odyssey Aitken
Post - ?
Clamp - Primo Viking
Cranks - Odyssey Black Widow
Pedals - KHE Stimulatorz
Chainwheel - Graveyard
F. Hub - Peregrine
R. Hub - Nankai Techno Freecoaster
Rims - Sun Rhyno lite 48
Tires - Odyssey Frequency G
Pegs - ? (had 'em forever)

Frame only before build - … e62523.jpg
Finished shots at my local basketball court and my super secret indoor training facility … e2dab0.jpg … e416d0.jpg … e43760.jpg … e44a0f.jpg

I bought this frame off ebay about 6 years ago or so for next to nothing when no one else bid on it. It was kinda rusty/crusty and someone had hacksawed through one brake bolt and into the brake mount a bit so some careful cleanup and tapping was needed, also the lowest cable housing stop was crushed but it all worked out.
I'd been in the process of trying to replicate the 87 GT PFT that was stolen from me in high school when I came across this video of Kevin Jones riding one that was built up with modern components.    His 87 GT comes in at about 2:05.
I still wanted to keep my GT old school but was inspired to find another 87 era 990 mount frame and squeeze some modern forks on it. My cobbled together conversion headset always sucked and eventually the bike got parted out and hung in the rafters until this contest. Shout out to ChattyMatty for making the headset that makes this build possible!
Random thoughts -
I actually found the Graveyard sprocket that KJ has in that youtube edit but it wouldn't work with this build so I went for a very similar one.
I like how the seat crosshatching matches the frame paint.
It's always weird switching between my "modern" bike and this one but I adjust quickly and it actually rides really well. The added weight and longer wheelbase actually makes it work really well for some things in a really counter intuitive way and, obviously, the louvered kicktail is awesome. 
Some old school action shots - … fc116d.jpg … fe7529.jpg

Bought one of these bits new, awesome bike for my progression then.. you ever wanna part with this, hit me up please.

This aint no safe space Snowflake..



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Re: THE 2018 BMX MUSEUM flatland build COMPLETED THREAD -

You ever try windsurfers? I had a quadstyler bitd and that was a super fun trick with that fork. You flip the handlebars around so they are between your legs and lean back a bit. Nice bike, btw.



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