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#1 2018-10-05 6:08pm

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1991 Raleigh BMX

1991 Raleigh BMX

1991 Raleigh BMX - not a styler as most think. Bought recently and thinking of restoring.

Hi, bought this bike of Bay. Made childish error - didn't ask for serial number to check age. advertised as 80's retro. Now checked the 2 seriel numbers - both are May 1991. Not impressed tbh but there you go. However, I've been considering restoring to former glory. Ive bought a few NEW original parts like correct pedals, decals, brakes, and will restore original Raleigh Steel wheels. It'll cost a bit but I feel the need to achieve at least something in my mid-life crisis Currently all stripped down and ready to be repainted/chromed where required.



#2 2019-03-10 7:03am

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Re: 1991 Raleigh BMX

Finished mine a while ago, it's on here completely original if you need an idea of the original spec. Search Raleigh Bmx Series.



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