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Turkey Leg Ride: 9th Annual Chicagoland  RSS Feed

#26 2018-11-10 9:33am

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Re: Turkey Leg Ride: 9th Annual Chicagoland

On my way picking up a few riders



#27 2018-11-17 12:31pm

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Re: Turkey Leg Ride: 9th Annual Chicagoland

El Gecko wrote:

Just a dusting, mostly melted by now, but it'll probably be icy tomorrow morning so everybody be safe getting there.

I'm out this year unfortunately, got a bad starter on the car that I need to fix otherwise I'm not going to work on Monday hmm

yall have fun though and take lots of pics cool

***** any pics???

I hate chrome bikes.... I own a chrome om flyer hmm



#28 2018-11-24 6:35am

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Re: Turkey Leg Ride: 9th Annual Chicagoland

Must have been too cold for pic s

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