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2019 DK Vega 22

#1 2018-09-15 5:13pm

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2019 DK Vega 22

2019 DK Vega 22

Love the feel of 22" so much had to get another

Originally got this because price was right and could use for spare parts. But more i rode it more i liked it. Decided to go with park/flatland set up. Added brake noodles and cable holder.  used .128 dia drill and 4mm x.7 tap. drilled 1st hole inserted brake knuckle drilled for tapped hole. Super simple. Looks way better.



#2 2018-09-16 5:05am

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Re: 2019 DK Vega 22

Digging the front brake setup! Looks great.

I have a 2018 and found it to be a solid mid priced 22"....well....minus the incredibly poor single wall rims- they were so wonky after 3 months despite a weekly tuning. Replaced with Revenge (S&M) double walled and no worries. Great geometry balance and good looks too!

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