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2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

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2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

2012 Skyway T/A XL 24

Enter the working man's TA24.

I am a Skyway Tuff Wheels fan from day one of my BMX career. I even raced on Tuff I's with a coaster brake/freewheel conversion at my 1st Novice race. I loved the look of TA's when they were introduced but I still felt that it was a short frame. Nobody thought about  "TT"  length back then unless you were a Pinoy. And a layback post was out of the question for me. It was a wonder how my race heros Richie Anderson and Andy Patterson both dominated on their trusty TA's. Enter the TA24; still unknown to civilians and those outside of Skyway as to  how many copies were made(50 +/- ?). They were exclusivley for the consumption of Skyway Factory Riders. I have been in the chase for an OG TA24 but all have been out sight/out of budget- unicorns. Obtaining a copy today is akin to withdrawing 401K money to buy your 1st home. But the working man does not have to settle for a subpar alternative. Thanks to trusty old friends who feel the pulse in the hearts of big, old BMX kids;  Ed &  Company at Planet BMX teamed up with Skyway. The Retro TA24 was introduced and sold out quickly in 2012. I missed the boat boat on that offering.  Recently there was TA24 offering with integrated headset. Last summer I aquired this set up from an outstanding BMXM member. It was NOS until I peeled open the double boxed (09/2017) frame set, bars, and pads that was shipped from Planet BMX to member alexanderrw.  My trusty S&M RV24 donated the wheels so now my reissue Graphites roll properly on a Retro TA, also I sourced a nice survivor Turbo Disc and my side hack even got into the cause and donated her drive train-USA made Flight Dual pinches.
So here's what we came up with in the 44T Skunk Werks Garage"The working man's modern Factory TA24"

2012 Skyway TA Frame, Fork & BarsRe Issue Skyway Graphites added Flash CapsDK square cornered stem    AM'E Tri's                                                         VP alloy sealed headsetRedline Flight Cranks Dual Pinch 175mm  OG 44T Skyway Turbo DiscEastern Euro in-board sealed BBWellgo DX type platform pedalsIzumi chain   ACS 18T freewheel Duro gumwall tires -pair/skinny's Odessey Spring Lever  Shimano DXR brakes   Kool Stop padsCinelli re issue Uni Cantor saddleXLC seat post/seat post clamp & tensionersVarious gold alloy bits . . . White Skyway Pads During her maiden ride we got caught in the pouring rain storm.  All is good, even the warranty card survived.
Sold 08/2021

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