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1987 Dyno D-Tour

#1 2018-08-04 7:12am

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1987 Dyno D-Tour

1987 Dyno D-Tour

Survivor - SOLD 2021

I noticed this bike in my Instagram feed, another user had recovered it from someone's attic, mostly complete but missing some parts.  He mentioned he might not be able to keep it so I messaged him and we worked out a deal that was more than fair.  I waited for a few months while we tried to work out a visit and that fell through, so finally he had to ship it. I had a friend with this exact bike in 6th grade and I was pretty jealous at the time, so I couldn't wait to receive this and get it back on the road.  You can see how I received it in the last pic, I reassembled with as many original parts as I could.  To get it rideable I installed new tires, upper gyro cable and chain and cleaned/repacked all the bearings.  I left a lot of the surface rust and funk on parts, I want this to look like I pulled it out of hibernation.  I'm still looking for an OG white front caliper so I converted a rear caliper I found in the meantime. Paint and decals all OG.  To make it perfect I still want to replace the new parts I used with original parts, but it's close
Frame / Fork: Original finish and decals
Bars: Original finish Pretzel bars
Grips: Survivor ODI Mushroom IIs
Seatpost: Original finish Dyno drainpipe
Seat: Original Dyno
Clamp: Original Odyssey
Stem: Original SR
Cranks: Original
Chainwheel: Original GT cheese grater
Chain: New KMC
Pedals: Original
Wheels: Survivor OGK mags
Tires: Kenda K55 1.75
Brakes: Odyssey 2000 front and rear calipers (front caliper is a rear converted until I find a nice OG white one)
Pads: Survivor Skyway Tuff pads
Levers: Odyssey RX-3, one NOS, one survivor
Pegs: repowdered GT 2nd Gen GT fork standers



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