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#1 2018-07-30 10:31pm

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1997 Specialized Fatboy

1997 Specialized Fatboy

'97 FAT BOY CR-MO version. OG paint and all the scratches that come from being used and abused.

Beefy Mid-School thrasher with tons of life left in it.
Had to swap out tires, grips, and seat, as the tires were bald, seat was ripped, and grips, well you know how old grips feel.  Tires are just on for riding the neighborhood, will be upgraded soon.
Will be given to a local kid without a bike soon so he can feel the stoke and keep BMX alive.

There's no help for this Museum Junkie!



#2 2018-07-31 4:32am

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Re: 1997 Specialized Fatboy

Cool bike  coolcoolcool

If I try to Qualify for Hell Track ....will you be there.......



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