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1985 Mongoose Californian TC

1985 Mongoose Californian TC

TC model all original except tires.

‘85 Mongoose Californian TC
* Pro Class cranks
* Original pads mint condition
* Mint chrome on frame forks and bars
* Pro class brakes
* Pro class power disc
* Original zero nine 85 National plate
I love this bike. Everything on it is an original Mongoose part except for the tires. Man my twin and I burned thru tires like crazy when we were kids. Seeing the condition of this bike after so many years got me excited. Let me know if you likening I by commenting or liking the bike
I submitted two bikes today, both ‘85 TCs. They are not the same bike.You’ll see small changes. This one has the number plate, no stem pad, no Californian decal and the Mongoose decal is vibrant on both sides, the other bike the decalnis faded on one side, it has the Californian decal on the seat mast and it also has a bike permit decal on it. That one also has scuffed up decals on the cranks far worse than the ones on this bike

Will not deal with Dpurves



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