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1987 Dyno D-Tour

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1987 Dyno D-Tour

1987 Dyno D-Tour

Blue and white Dyno with mags.

1987 Dyno D Tour with original paint and decals and most of its original components. Fully restored keeping all original components in play if possible. Here is the run down:
Fram and Fork:  Blue and White Dyno stamped D Tour with original paint and decals. Paint loss is present. The frame has been cleaned and waxed, is straight and has no cracks, bends or re-welds. Original Dyno stamped curved fork, is straigh and has no bends, cracks or re-welds. Bars: Dyno Pretzel bars with original paint. The knurl area has stem marked from tightening but is fully functional. Stem: Dyno Stem with Chrome Quill, Potts mod hollow bolt and original white paint. Overall in excellent condition. Gyro: Original Odyssey Gyro in white with expected paint wear.Brakes: Odyssey 2000 White front and back with Odyssey RX-3 Locking levers- one lever has no locking mech. Brakes have Skyway pads in white with color loss from age (Peroxide them in the sun and they will turn white again).Seat Post: Dyno Drain Pipe with original paint and decals. Has a slight bend and paint loss in area that is hidden in seat tube.Seat: Viscount Dominator in white with Dyno logo. Has original seat guts.  Seat Clamp: 1987 Dyno clamp unstamped (pre-GT Wings on the 1987).Wheels: O.G. K GT Performer White Mags. Cleaned up with just a bit of brake run still visible. Free Wheel spins nicely. Please add grease if this will be a bike you ride a lot.Tires: Original GT Logo Freestyle tires in white. Cleaned up a bunch but they will get whiter and bringhter with some more work. They are bald! But they are awesome. Chain: KMC period correct from a 1990 Performer.Sprocket: GT stamped "Cheese Grater sprocket. The paint on these sucked right from the factory. So, the paint was horrible when this rolled into the shop. It has been sprayed with white satin.Cranks: JMC 175MM with some slight chrome loss on the drive side arm but polished and shows nicely. Bearing are in great condition and have been cleaned (add grease if you plan to ride this a lot).Pedals: Original and cleaned up- they were covered in tar and were a bear to get this clean so appreciate them (lol). Pegs: GT White PegsGrips: AME Tri GT Logo in white from a 1990 GT Performer. I have the original ODI Mushroom white grip bodies but the sleeve were complete mush and had to be tossed.
That's the run down on this awesome Dyno.

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Re: 1987 Dyno D-Tour



If it ain't GT, it's for sale!       
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