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#1 2018-07-13 5:32pm

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2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Not a real K9 but as close as any of us will get.
This F&F was built for a friend and fellow Bmx lover. It’s damn near perfect spec tona K9 but built much better!
Repop S&M K9 FrameRepop cooks bros forksRepop White S&M padsRepop S&M postRepop comp III tiresNOS GT racelace white hubsGold Araya rimsEarly S&M slamsDK inverted stemGT epoch race headset401 full wrap 175mm unsealed B.B.Tiger tooth 44t Perigrine pedalsPerigrine seat clampAME gripsACS 860 brakeACS lever

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#2 2018-07-13 5:34pm

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

YES< cool one to be the 62,000th bike added to the online bmx database.
Thanks for making this seemingly impossiblw project happen.
Yes, he got permission from CHris Moeller himself..pretty neat..

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#3 2018-07-13 6:50pm

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Wow and where did you get the Tiger Tooth . . ? smile

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#4 2018-07-13 7:03pm

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Fricking awesome!!!!

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#5 2018-07-13 9:15pm

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Awesome bike!

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#6 2018-08-19 4:37pm

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Man I want this bike!!

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#7 2019-01-01 7:57am

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Re: 2018 S&M K-9 D-ZINE

Great build! Love it. Its kinda funny to see how short the frame is and how big the 44t looks. Ha

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