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2012 Fit VH 3

#1 2018-05-31 12:28pm

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2012 Fit VH 3

2012 Fit VH 3

All around bike ready for anything, my favorite/best riding bike, fits me perfectly

Fit 20.75 Van Homan3 frame-US made by S&M, repainted over trans grey original paint, ocher brown.
The Shadow Conspiracy 026 creeper lite fork in grass green color.
Tree compression bolt, Animal headset.
Fit Benny L 4-pc bars with Fit high top V1 52 stem, both made by S&M
Profile spline drive GDH 175mm with Profile mid BB, S&M Ironman 4130 spline drive sprocket, but I put Profile spline drive sprocket on to preserve Ironman. 25-t
Odsy hubs-vandero2 3/8 female front with bsd guard, antigram 14mm female rear with odsy guard, hazard lite rims.
Waiting on a US made 14mm female rear hub with oversive center axle & big bearings with a tuff driver bearing/bushing. Next part will be Pegasus full guard spline drive graveyard style sprocket.
Evo2 brake, shadow cable hanger, Koolstop dual compound brake pads, or odsy ghost pads. small odsy monolever. Also have dual cable detangler with odsy dual monolever, shadow upper plate, snafu mobeus spinner, stolen bikes brass knuckle cable stop and odsy cable lugs.
Animal mk3 light pegs, lil ones shadow pegs with plastic sleeves. Painted inside of pegs same brown as the frame. want all 4 S&M steel hubguards.
ODI’s with odsy par ends.
Odsy Tripod seat & post with a light custom attached to underside of seat.
Tall shadow pivotal post & seat & S&M elevenz handlebars for long rides or when injured.
I want a Thomson seatpost with a brown Autum stay hungry flatland seat with a custom Nativebmx-James Covington brown leather cover, & S&M forks one day.
Pegasus custom sized headset & bb spacers
Cult vans tires-2.4, stainless steel valve caps.
Tioga slim plastic pedals, may get some nice sealed alloy platforms one day.
OG S&M oldskool padset or solid black padset sometimes.
99% bought from my two LBS over time.
This bike’s current state. Tires, pedals, brake pads, brake cable, seat, chain, grips & more always being replaced as needed, or as parts break.
Daily rider-street, park, dirt, & transportation. My only newskool bmx, wish I had this bike back in the midskool tank age. Very comfortable bike that wants to jump.

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Cycle-Craft seatclamp-any condition, a piece of a wipperman ig8 chain



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