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Flat Rate to Canada/Wife Shipping PSA  RSS Feed

#1 2018-05-03 9:27am

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Flat Rate to Canada/Wife Shipping PSA

Hi All,

I have now had two instances of a member giving their wife the goods to take to the post office to ship where the wife decided to use a flat rate envelope instead of other packaging. A Flat rate envelope to Canada costs $24.95 and most items that will fit in that envelope should be shipped for $16. If it can fit in a normal letter envelope (like stickers/decals) it should be about $10.

Please don't let your wife ship with a flat rate envelope to Canada! If your wife is dropping your parts, make sure they are already packaged so she doesn't decide on the spot to toss it in a flat rate envelope!

Thanks from your friendly neighbourhood Canadians!

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#2 2018-05-03 9:47am

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Re: Flat Rate to Canada/Wife Shipping PSA

Dumb broads.



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