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#1 2018-04-25 6:40pm

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2018 DK Vega 22

2018 DK Vega 22

24 too big? 20 too small? 22 just right!

Nice ride! My 24"s are great and being 6'6" just can't feel comfortable on a 20" so was looking for an answer and found it!
Chromoly frame- Wise components- the only negative is it has single wall rims- Why oh why?! I originally changed out the 29" wide, 8.8" rise bars for 25 wide, 6.5 rise...BIG mistake! It completely threw off the geometry and made the front so easy to pull up I almost flipped several times...back to the big bars. Went with Odyssey Ghost brake pads and had to have the Van Halen Flite pads!

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