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1981 Hutch Lil Hole Shot

#1 2018-04-16 6:58pm

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1981 Hutch Lil Hole Shot

1981 Hutch Lil Hole Shot

This is what I believe to be a late 81' Thruster made Lil Hole Shot. Story goes Hutch owed a debt to Thruster and it was paid with Lil Hole Shot tubing sets. Thruster assembled and sold these under the Hutch name. There were no serial numbers and the brake bridge is unstamped. Another difference noted is the lack of holes in the rear dropouts. Parts are as follows:

81 Thruster built frameForks are off a later Hutch Hole Shot
JDB Hutch Grips
CW mini bars
ESP mini stem
Sealed bearing head set
Elina UL seat
DK seat clamp converted to donut style clamp
JDB Hutch Pedals
Superbe 170mm crank set
48t Ring
Titanium Bottom Bracket
KMC Hollow Chain
ACS Claw 15t freewheel
Tioga tires
Sun Rims
Sunshine Gyromaster Hubs
Stainless Spokes
Alloy Nips
Drilled Dia Compe brake lever
Dis Compe 630 brakes
JDB Hutch Pad set

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