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2010 SE Racing Quadangle 24

#1 2018-03-31 8:35am

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2010 SE Racing Quadangle 24

2010 SE Racing Quadangle 24

So fast and nimble it's scary.

This bike I got it from a local Seller. This is my 2010 SE Racing Quadangle, considered the best year for all  SE repops. It's a Cruiser. Basically stock except for the following: 16T Box freewheel, 40T chainwheel, SE Racing seat from a Floval, same regarding the HB. Grips are A'ME. Dice caps done by yours truly.

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antifascista oi!

me riding my bike>you and your NOnSense talk.



#2 2018-05-11 7:02am

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Re: 2010 SE Racing Quadangle 24

Cool the colors. Always wanted one of these from the first time I seen one.

Here today...gone later today!



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