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#1 2018-02-22 9:53am

rob n steel
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1988 Orion Freestyle

1988 Orion Freestyle

One of the first Aussie freestyle bmx and in the tri colour rare

I got one just lik this for Xmas in 88-89 I remember going toy kingdom in stalbans were it was in the window under I got it Xmas morning and was rapt!!! Thx to my folks as that would of been a big buy back then and we didn't grow up with much



#2 2018-02-22 10:00am

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Re: 1988 Orion Freestyle

Great BMX ! cool

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#3 2018-02-22 3:39pm

general hustler
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Re: 1988 Orion Freestyle

Love the triple fade paint. I assume its an Anlun made frame very sililar to General Hustler and the others. cool

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