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1996 Dyno Air

1996 Dyno Air

1996 Dyno Air

2nd GT/ Dyno I ever owned. Back in 2004, My brother and I were driving through an upper middle class housing development in SW Broward County, FL. This bike and a couple others had been put out for bulk trash. I threw it in the back and took it home. It was all original, probably hardly ever ridden. At that time it was already 8 years old. I remember the tires were GT gum walls but dry rotted. The upper gyro cable splitter was separated, the edges of the housing were dented from squeezing the lever with it like that. The original clear hand grips were so sticky they were useless. The chrome on the bars and forks had surface rust. I'm sure it sat all those years in that humid Florida garage. At that point in my life, I just electric taped the cable splitter, bought some tires and Bell grips from Walmart, let it ride. I used the bike often enough I guess. My fondest memories were running my Pit Bull, Blackjack on it. The bike stayed on my porch outside in the trailer park. A couple years later it ended up in my dad's non-air conditioned warehouse for some years. I took it home in 2009 when I bought my first house in central FL. I have used the bike on and off since then, mostly to ride with my kids. After a while it ended up hanging from the ceiling in my garage for years, until the other day, 02/13/2018. The bike got upgraded with all new cables, front brake cable is Odyssey Slick, upper and lower rear cables are SST Oryg. I did not want to pay a ton for NOS Dyno clear grips, so I settled for another brand of clear. I was going to replace the chain, I even threw it in the trash can and took it out a couple times. The original KMC did not have a master link and it was greasy as it could be. I wanted to keep it close to original, so I broke it, used brake cleaner on it, washed it in Dawn dish soap and hot water, then oven dried it. I then gave it a healthy coat of dry lube, it's like new. The freewheel is stamped DICTA, but not stamped "Taiwan". It’s also stamped  "Lida Machine Company”, just thought that was cool. For it’s age it spins really smooth. I've noticed in the past with old freewheels: don't clean them with chemicals if they're dirty! The chemical (Brake Kleen, WD-40 or whatever) tends to wash the grit inside the freewheel, then it typically ruins it in my experience. I just use controlled spray (if necessary) or an oily rag and wipe the grime off. A small nylon brush works well too. Another thing I noticed, the drive train hardly has a "tight spot" when rotated. The chain is fairly snug and keeps pretty much the same tension all the way around. Not sure if that's a sign of a quality freewheel but I don't even get that nice a result with sealed bearing BB's and expensive freewheels. My guess is the chain wheel and freewheel are centered just right, whatever. I used a set of GT Air Bagz tires I had from another bike which are in great shape. New thick inner tubes too. Other than that it's still basically original. Hard to tell from the pictures but the chrome on the forks isn't in great shape, more so on the inside surface facing the wheel. The bars are ok except under where they are welded, rust came through there too (typical). I just used the tried and true aluminum foil / water method to remove what rust would come off. The paint has some dings and scratches down to the metal, I just used a black Sharpie (on headset too) to hide it some. On the serious tip I've been touching up stem bolts and headset parts on all my bikes with black Sharpie. Even completely coloring in stem bolts after brake parts cleaner. It works great. I completely disassembled the bike to the bare frame, degreased and re-packed the bearings in the BB, headset and wheels. I think one day if I ever get a NOS sticker set, I'd have the bars/ forks re-chromed and the frame powder coated. Besides cosmetics though, This Dyno Air feels and rides just as good as it ever did. Thanks for looking.



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