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#1 2018-02-15 12:05am

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1966 Wards-Montgomery Hawthorn 26

1966 Wards-Montgomery Hawthorn 26

I love my twin tube bikes and when I came across this beach style cruiser I had to upgrade it to BMX style, first we have a 66 Hawthorn 26” twin tube frame with 80s cruiser fork,70s Huffy stem and bars,fluted layback Seatpost,Mongoose pedals and CMC chrome wheels.



#2 2018-04-28 3:18am

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Re: 1966 Wards-Montgomery Hawthorn 26


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#3 2018-06-12 3:31pm

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Re: 1966 Wards-Montgomery Hawthorn 26

Those twin tubes ARE killer, especially with bmx style

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