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#1 2018-02-12 10:33am

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1990 GT Performer

1990 GT Performer

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Broke it down to get it cleaned, de-rusted, polished and waxed but otherwise untouched. Was missing chain, tires and tubes - everything else appears original and in great shape. Entire frame had been spray bombed gloss black, and the front Tomahawk had been spray painted red then another couple coats of black over the red. Rust on all the nuts and bolts.
Was able to carefully get all the spray off using Goof-Off. Plenty of scratches underneath but the original paint polished up beautifully and most of the original decals look great. CitrusStrip got all the red and black of the front Tomahawk. All bearings repacked including pedals, freewheel rebuilt and brake lines flushed out. This is a rider so the original pads were stored and replaced with new.
I bought this for a project,  thinking the paint was shot. Was going to give it new black powder and new hazard decals to match my '90 Vertigo. Had no idea the paint and decals were so nice under all the spray paint and now will have to start over with a new frame.



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Re: 1990 GT Performer

the paint is beautiful! great score!

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